Inkulinati – When Dogs Had Swords – released today (February 1, 2023)

By | February 2, 2023

A strange curiousity in the world of turn-based games has been published: Inkulinati.
This game is set in a medieval setting, drawn like medieval paintings, and features turn-based battles with all kinds of animals-gone-knight figures.
This game is not a 4X, and features exclusively battles in a crazy medieval world. It might be of interest for some of our tacticians, who like unconventional settings.
The video above is a review from TurnBasedLovers, and you can also read a review from GOGConnected here, which concludes with:

But I wasn’t counting on how strong the actual strategy game is. This is the first release from Yaza Games, but they seem like a team with some fresh ideas and the vision to implement them. Daedalic Entertainment publishes a lot of novel strategy titles that fail to hold your attention for long. Inkulinati earns its place in your library with its depth.

Inkulinati is currently discounted, down to 22.49.

Let us know here in this thread if you have it, and how your opinion from a civ-fanatics point of view is.