PCGamer: Civ 6 streamer figures out how to win without founding any cities in ‘extremely impressive’ video

By | February 2, 2023

Twitch streamer boesthius has taken up a very special challenge: Play as Qin, and don’t settle any cities. This was obviously a crazy and tough game, but he succeeded! This has even caught the attention of PCGamer, who wrote an article about this here.
A blurb from the article:

The whole video is worth watching. Boesthius made the challenge look easy, but it really wasn’t, it required speed, knowledge of the game, and more than a little luck. It was so formidable, in fact, that the official Civ 6 YouTube account even commented “ok I’m not gonna lie this was extremely impressive” under the video, while the rest of the comments are split evenly between amazement at boesthius’ feat and horror at his apparent masochism.

So… what do you think? Crazy? Interesting? Are you up for the challenge? Discuss with us here.