April Fools’: Firaxis announces Civilization 2K23

By | April 1, 2023

The Civilization franchise has long been one of the most beloved and enduring in gaming history. With each new iteration, developer Firaxis has managed to add new features and mechanics while still maintaining the addictive gameplay loop that has kept players coming back for more for over three decades.

Initially announced as “the next civ game,” many media outlets had dubbed the title as Civilization 7, given the franchise’s history of incrementally numbered sequels. However, in a surprising move, Firaxis opted for the number 2K23 instead, similar to 2K’s NBA 2K23 basketball series. Civilization 2K23 will come with an accompanied mobile game, Civ2K mobile, a 2K-sponsored esports league, and an extended support including a season pass and regular events to ensure a long-lasting multiplayer experience to fuel the esports league.
In-game purchases have become a common practice in games-as-a-service, allowing players to buy additional content and items to enhance their gaming experience. However, Firaxis will have to be careful to balance the implementation of microtransactions with fair gameplay practices to avoid alienating their dedicated fanbase. Only time will tell how this aspect of Civilization 2K23 will be received by players, but we’ve been told that “Meier-coins” would mostly be used for cosmetic items, giving even more variations to leaders outfit or units skins.
It is not yet known if other current hypes as e.g. dance moves, similar to Fortnite, possibly accompanied by a TikTok integration are planned by Firaxis.

In keeping with the franchise’s tradition of adding new features, Firaxis plans to apply a motto of “1/3rd established, 1/3rd improved, and 1/3rd new” to the leaders in Civilization 2K23. Players will see household names like Gandhi and the return of past leaders like Napoleon, as well as leaders never before seen in the series, such as King John of England or Emperor Nero. In a nod to the past, Civilization 2K23 will also feature the return of the changing leader clothing during eras, a feature first introduced in Civilization 3.

One aspect of Civilization 2K23 that is sure to excite fans is the expansion of the future era. The success of the “Giant Death Robot” in Civilization 6 has prompted Firaxis to expand the future era even further, as evidenced by the leader outfits. This suggests that players will have even more options for futuristic technology and warfare, which could bring a new level of excitement to the late game.

While details about the gameplay and mechanics of Civilization 2K23 are still scarce, the announcements made by Firaxis thus far suggest that the next installment in the franchise is shaping up to be another fantastic addition. If the past is any indication, Civilization 2K23 is sure to be a game that players will enjoy for years to come.

Picture: A current ingame leader model of Mahatma Gandhi. Leader styles will change, depending on era. The top shows the style in the first era in the game, the ancient era. The bottom shows how the style evolves until the last era, for which no name has been given yet.

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