Racing the Darkness: A Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Fan Fiction Photoessay

By | April 3, 2023

Anyone who played Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri back in the day probably remembers the excitement they felt when they first landed on planet, not knowing anything about what laid beyond the shroud of darkness on this strange alien world, different to anything they’d seen before on Earth. While constructing your first base you ventured out into the darkness and started exploring the surrounding area finding strange pale blue oceans, huge mountains, scattered wreckage of your spaceship, ancient ruins, creepy moving fungus, hostile alien wildlife that could tear your mind apart, and other rival colonies made of former friends turned enemies.


While exploring and discovering these things trying to survive, your mind possibly imagined all sorts of images of amazing alien vistas and landscapes, likely fueled by not just the game’s own cool art but also all the great scifi film and art you’ve seen over the decades. Well CivFanatics and AlphaCentuari2 forum user Axis Kast has taken those moments so many of us had and made them more real, creating a beautiful photoessay fan fiction story of life on Alpha Centauri covering the alien landscapes, the discoveries, the technology, the factions, their people, their eccentric leaders and the back stories of how they rose to power. If you love your scifi art, films, tv shows and games then you’ll see plenty of familiar images here while seeing how Axis Kast cleverly works them into the SMAC universe and his story creating a beautiful visual novel.

You can see his work in this thread:…alpha-centauri-fan-fiction-photoessay.682276/

Thanks to blake00 for this news item :).