Civilization 6 Leader Pass: Duel of the Devs – 4/13 Livestream Event

By | April 4, 2023

Announced during the 3/28 Rulers of England livestream, there will be a special event on 4/13 where Ed Beach (Civilization 6 Leader Designer) & Carl Harrison (Civilization 6 Junior Gameplay Desginer) will go head-to-head once again in a rematch for the ages.

Details are somewhat scant at the moment, however it was stated that the match would most likely be played on a small world with four civs total – two human, two AI. It appears that there will be an online fan vote to determine who amongst the Leader Pass leaders Ed & Carl will play as. A pool of four leaders was selected for both players from which the fans will vote on. The specific time and method for voting was not elaborated upon.

The first leader of each pull was decided by a blind draw of the hat from the Rulers of England pack. The second, third, and fourth leaders were then chosen by each player for their opponent in a back-and-forth selection process.

Ed drew Varangian Harald (Norway). Carl then chose Sundiata Keita (Mali), Ramses II (Egypt), & Julius Caesar (Rome) as the other three possible leaders for Ed.
Carl drew Elizabeth I (England). Ed then chose Ludwig II (Germany), Abraham Lincoln (America), & Age of Steam Victoria (England) as the other three possible leaders for Carl.

More information can be found as it becomes available here.