Raffle: Win a copy of PocketCiv!

By | May 2, 2023

As you know, we like a game called “Civilization”. Sometimes we also like some other games, but even better if they also have a “civ” in it! Recently we stumbled upon the game “PocketCiv“, thanks to their Twitter account. As you can guess from the title, it’s a neat and small civ-like game, staying more in the ancient setting and based on the boardgame of the same name. It’s overall not as big as our beloved Civilization, but more focused. It’s a pocket version, if you like ;).
BMCGames, the devs of PocketCiv, noticed that we noticed them, so they came over to CFC and offered us a few keys to hand out to our members.

We are therefore doing a small raffle, but you need to tell us one thing:
We know that you like adding things to Civ, like more nations, leaders, wonders, etc. Now tell us one thing, which you would like to have less of in Civ, and win one out of 3 copies of PocketCiv. Let us know here.
The raffle runs for 7 days, afterwards the winners will be determined by a random roll.

Please note that the game is in early access and might still change. Please also note that the guys bribed us with a few steam keys for the CFC staff too.