TheCivShow podcast with Andrew Johnson

By | June 17, 2023

Besides the regular civ-fanatics-hosted podcast “The PolyCast“, there is also the podcast from TheCivShow, a 3-person team who also regulary streams Civ6.
Their last episode features @Andrew Johnson [FXS] , and they talk about his work on Civ, what a historian and writer does for Civ6.
The description from Spotify is the following:

2 history buffs and 1 tech guy, all with a singular purpose to entertain you with Civilization content. MoySauce, Nystagmus, and Razing Zozo are filled with information and entertainment as the 3 hosts talk about which Civilization Leader they would bring to Prom, why Gilgamesh is so darn handsome, and who put that Spy in my land? As the three talk about strategies used in their Sunday games, they are open to light hearted conversations and deep dive into some history facts!

You can listen to the podcast here, follow the CivShow on Twitter here, and discuss this podcast with us here.