Revival: Recolonization released – a post-apocalyptic Civ!

By | June 28, 2023

Another interesting game has entered today early access – Revival: Recolonization.
Revival: Recolonization is a turn-based 4X game on a hex-grid. You wake up after an apocalypse, one of the few people who remembers how the earth was before. You now need to claim leadership of a clan, build up a new civilization, fight against the robot AI which has orchestrated the apocalypse, and make sure you survive zombie hordes, fires, and basically another apocalypse. You can use pre-apocalypse technology to shape the planet, and you will stumble upon artefacts and wonders from the time before.

The game has just entered early access, and is right now available with a 10% discount for 26.09€ (until July 5). You can join us here to discuss this game.