TurnBasedLovers: 10 Indie Gems You Don’t want to Miss -Twitter’s Lair Top Picks #2

By | June 29, 2023

TurnBasedLovers has published another article/video, which is interesting to the CFC community, called “10 Indie Gems You Don’t want to Miss -Twitter’s Lair Top Picks #2”. The name doesn’t give it away that it’s interesting for us, but the list contains a range of games, which you definitely should have a look at. One of them is “Yield”, a turn-based 4X game on a hex-grid with a really cute graphics style, which allows you to destroy Rome with the Germanic hordes. Another one is “Feudums”, which is a medieval strategy simulator, and can already be tested with a free demo. The last game of interest is “Imperial Ambitions”, which is a 4X game in the “Colonization” setting, using very nice and charming pixel art. Users with a preference for a sci-fi setting over a historical one should also have a look at “Silence Of The Siren”.

You can read the whole article (with another 6 turn-based games in it) here, and discuss this article with us in the forum here.