Techspot: A Chat With Video Game Composer Christopher Tin

By | July 4, 2023

Techspot has published an interview with Christopher Tin about his work, how he got to designing the music of Civ4, and how this has kick-started his career. In the interview he mentions that Civ was his dream job, with the right combination of elements which interest him, and that there is probably no other game he’d have liked to compose the soundtrack more than Civ. They also talk about that more than 20 years ago video game music was just not of interest in music education, and that this has changed in the meantime. The interview is not short, but well worth reading.

An except:

Techspot: Is there a game or project whose soundtrack you admire that you wish you had the opportunity to take a crack at yourself?

Christopher Tin: I’ve often said that Civ is, in a way, my dream gig. I had a very strong background in classical and world music. Civ is the perfect palette for real life and a lot of musical ideas in that world. I don’t know that there are a lot of other franchises that I think to myself, “Oh, God, I wish I was scoring that.” I like scoring strategy games because, in a way, the music I get to write isn’t so action-driven, allowing me to write pieces that are a little more dynamic in terms of emotional rain.

You can read the whole interview here, discuss this article with us here, and also thanks to Christopher Tin, who brought this article to our attention via Twitter.