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Old World Patch #78 and soundtrack behind-the-scenes video

By | November 18, 2021

Mohawk Games, the creators of Old World, have released the latest patch, #78, for their game. This fix includes new events, UI improvements and many bug fixes. You can discuss this patch in our forum here: At the same time Christopher Tin has released a behind-the-scenes video (embedded above) for the opening track of Old World. You… Read More »

Video to Christoper Tin’s “I Lift My Eyes” from the Old World soundtrack

By | November 4, 2021

Christopher Tin has released the video for his song “I Lift My Eyes” from the Old World soundtrack. At the same time, Mohawk Games, the developer of Old World, has also produced a podcast for this occasion, where they talk with Christopher about the making of the soundtrack. You can find the podcast here: As a part… Read More »

Old World soundtrack by Christopher Tin (and Old World sale)

By | October 29, 2021

Mohawk Games, the creators of Old World, have released a new patch. This update most critically contains 12 new tracks for the Old World soundtrack, composed by Civ music legend Christopher Tin, who created the award winning Civ4 title track “Baba Yetu”, as well as the Civ6 soundtrack. You can find the soundtrack on various platforms, namely Youtube,… Read More »

30 years Civ – all the little things you didn’t know

By | September 30, 2021

So much time has passed, since the “birth” of Civ. Many people know the game, and all the details about its mechanics. But do you know about all the small things and little jokes, created by Firaxis or the community? You haven’t seen CivAnon, the Civ4 throne room, or about Elvis? No? Have a read here: And… Read More »

Mashable: 8 great songs from video games that aren’t instrumentals

By | August 8, 2021

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra notifed Christoper Tin about this article on Mashable, about the best songs from video games, which aren’t instrumentals. Obviously our beloved Civ4 song “Baba Yetu” made it in the list. While we are not surprised, since it won as the first song from a computer game a Grammy, we are still happy that this… Read More »