TurnBasedLovers: Top 20 Modern Turn-Based Strategy Games to Play in 2023

By | July 19, 2023

TurnBasedLovers has published another article/video, which is interesting to the CFC community, called “Top 20 Modern Turn-Based Strategy Games to Play in 2023“. The authors have made a list of interesting turn-based games from the last year, with no particular order in them, but all interesting.
For the 4X fans among us, there is plenty of fodder, as they mention Old World, Master Of Magic, the coming Galactic Civilizations IV, Myriads: Renaissance and Revival: Recolonization, and they are all worth checking out. For more tactical and other types of games you also have your choice from the article.
There is definitely not game shortage until Civ7 arrives!

You can read the whole article here, and discuss it with us here.