Civ IV Hall of Fame Update

By | July 26, 2023

The Civilization IV Hall of Fame has been updated – 8 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to @SittinDown for the highest score of the update with a Standard, Normal, Noble, Domination game for 111,172 points.
ruff_hi was the most active player during this update, submitting 3 games.

New Number One Entries:

A number of players gained number one positions:

Alexfin with a 980 AD, Standard, Normal, Monarch, Diplomatic game for 91,549 points.
Firmlife with a 1540 AD, Huge, Epic, Prince, Espionage game for 27,755 points.
ruff_hi with a 1838 AD, Small, Epic, Noble, Espionage game for 31,681 points.


Congratulations to Firmlife for becoming an Elite Quattromaster – Settler (BTS) and a Quattromaster (BTS). Congratulations to ruff_hi for becoming an Elite Quattromaster – Noble (BTS) and a Quattromaster (BTS).

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