King’s Bounty: The Legend – Free giveaway on GOG (until Monday Sept 4)

By | September 2, 2023

King’s Bounty: The Legend is currently freely available on
This is a temporary deal, and valid until Monday September 4. The game will stay in your library afterwards though.

King’s Bounty is a game series, which has a similar style to Heroes Of Might and Magic: You are a hero, travelling through a fantasy landscape with an army, to fulfil quests. The battles are happening on a separate strategy map, which is influenced by the current surrounding, and is performed on a hex field in a turn-based manner. The main difference between HoMM and King’s Bounty is that King’s Bounty is more of a role-playing game, since you don’t conquer cities and have only one hero. This makes the game a bit more streamlined, but also in some way less strategic. No matter your preference, it’s a nice turnbased game, which you should definitely get, especially if it’s for free.

Get it here, and join us for the discussion here.