Play the new Civ3 “Game Of The Month” #165 and #192

By | October 6, 2023

After all the other GOTMs, we this time also got again the 2 GOTMs for Civ3!

For the addon “Play The World” you get GOTM 192, you will be playing as the Iroquis on a normal size pangaea map on Deity. You get roaming barbarians as a challenge, but a special starting unit too, to even out the handicap. You have until December 31 to rule the great plains! For all the information please see this thread.

For the addon “Conquests” you get GOTM 165, in which you play as Carthago on a standard size achipelago map with 80% water on regent level. You get some health bonuses, but you don’t know if the barbarians will be coming strongly at you or not. Also for this GOTM you have time to rule the seas and everything else until December 31. For all information please see this thread.