Hooded Horse publisher sale – 25% off on Old World, 25% off on Xenonauts 2, and more

By | October 5, 2023

Hooded Horse is a small indie publisher, and a rather new one in the field. The are the publisher of Old World, which probably many people in this community know.
But despite the newness, they have their first sale on Steam, which is for us here quite interesting, as it includes many strategy games, including some turnbased ones!
On sale are:

  • As mentioned, Old World, a 4X game set in ancient times, is 25% off, for 29.99
  • Against The Storm, a dark fantasy city builder, 35% off, for 19.49
  • Clanfolk, a city builder in the Scottish highlands, is 25% off, for 14.99
  • Xenonauts 2, a turn-based tactics game in the style of XCOm, is 25%, for 29.99
  • Terra Invicta, a 4X game where you need to defend earth against an alien invasion, is 30% off, for 27.99

For all the Hooded Horse sales please see here, and discuss this sale with us here.