Civ IV Hall of Fame Update

By | October 28, 2023

The Civilization IV Hall of Fame has been updated – 16 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to jnebbe for the highest score of the update with a Tiny, Normal, Monarch, Domination game for 379,533 points.
Noble Zarkon was the most active player during this update, submitting 6 games.

Only one player was brave enough to take on Deity this update:

Conquistador 63 – 1320 AD, Small, Normal, Deity, Cultural game for 90,473 points.​

New Number One Entries:
A number of players gained number one positions:

ruff_hi with a 1810 AD, Standard, Epic, Monarch, Espionage game for 51,409 points.
Noble Zarkon with a 2050 AD, Tiny, Marathon, Prince, Time game for 37,043 points.
Gr8scott with a 1400 BC, Large, Normal, Settler, Conquest game for 15,100 points.

One player gained composite table High Scores (i.e. Any Condition):
jnebbe with a 940 AD, Tiny, Normal, Monarch, game for 379,533 points.​

jnebbe with a 580 AD, Duel, Normal, Settler, game for 151,030 points.​

​This month both Conquistador 63 and Noble Zarkon became Elite Quattromasters – Immortal (BTS).
ruff_hi became an Elite Quattromaster – Monarch (BTS).

Congratulations everyone! Come and discuss the latest update with us here.