Millennia Developer Diary – Achievements, Modding & Multiplayer

By | March 18, 2024

We got another developer diary from the new Paradox game Millennia!
This time the diary is about various options which we all like to have: MP, modding and achievements. Obviously Millennia has them all, as we would otherwise not have this diary. The short version is that Millennia does support Hot Seat, as well as the cloud version of this, which apparently ends up being a stream-lined version of Play-By-Email. Millennia will furthermore have modding support, via XML files, which many modders here are already used to from modding Civ4 to Civ6. There are also various achievements, e.g. for unlocking each age, making definitely multiple playthroughts necessary to get all achievements (although most people will anyways play countless times). For a longer version of everything with more details please check this thread.