CivBattleRoyale Season 4 (CBR X4) – Episode 1

By | March 22, 2024

The Civ5 Battle Royale is huge but the concept of the show is pretty simple! On a massive world map, 61 AI Civilizations got at it to see which one can be the last one standing. All Civilizations are chosen by the audience of the civbattleroyale reddit group and part of the fun is helping narrate the story collectively along with original content and putting your support behind one of the competitors. No human intervention in the show as a several months long game is recorded and then curated into episodes across the action. Episodes are narrated by members of their 10k+ sized community cheering on the AIs on their unpredictable route to victory. Three seasons have been recorded so far, and the 4th one has just started, the first episode you can find above. If you are interested in following or discussing, then join us in our thread here.