Old World – Behind The Throne DLC released

By | May 28, 2024

Today, Mohawk Games has released the latest DLC for Old World, “Behind The Throne”.
This DLC brings new characters, 350 new events, new projects, and most interestlingly new gameplay mechanics. This includes characters who might be competing with you as a leader, a grand vizier who manages your cities better (or doesn’t he?), new political eras, civil wars, and much more.
For the release, the DLC has been discounted by 10%, from 9.99 to 8.99.
The base game, as well as the bundle with all DLCs, is also on sale, for 27.99 instead of 39.99, and 57.14 instead of 94.94.
Get the base game at Steam, Epic or GOG, and the new DLC here at Steam, Epic or GOG.

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Also curious to know more about the background of the DLC? The latest edition of the Mohawk podcast features developers Jeri and Dale along with superfan Emergent discussing the new Old World DLC Behind the Throne.
Give it a listen at Spotify, and discuss this podcast episode with us here.