Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: The Leonardo’s Workshop Awards




McLeod’s Modpack Manager is a godsend. It is the absolute best for managing your modpacks. I cannot recommend this program enough. It has a capability of managing up to 255 modpacks, and can be very helpful to modpack writers when testing modpacks or even creating them for use with Civ 2 versions 1.08 thru 2.42. The fact that this quality program is a freeware is a testament to the impact Civilization gaming has made on everyone.


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Carl Fritz has created three of the most useful utilities I’ve seen for Civ 2: CivTweak, CivHot, and the new CivCity! Each of these utilities have outstanding performance and are an absolute must-have for civ tools! In addition, Fritz has a website with outstanding technical support that even includes scenario building tips. His work is paramount in world scenario production and his website should be a permanent bookmark for any modpack or scenario author.


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Nominated by Håkan Eriksson , Thunderfall and the team at Civfanatics has maintained one of the finest, diverse Civilization II website I’ve ever seen. It is updated regularly and contains recent news, updates, polls, and downloads of many different kinds. It is truly a "Civ Fanatics" refuge. If you value civ as much or more than your life, Civfanatics is probably the site for you. The forum has been upgraded by the request of visitors and the site is guided by players from around the world. Truly, has made even this Hall of Fame possible. Thunderfall has led the team in maintaining Civilization entertainment and enthusiasm. Good job, Thunderfall and Crew!


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