Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: Top 100 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:


What is a TOP 100 scenario? Essentially, it is a list of scenarios that could
be considered complete in just about every aspect of the game or really close
to it. A top 100 scenario doesn’t stand for any "numeric ranking" but simply
means that it is "100 percent" there. This meaning translates to having a
special place on my hard drive, and it is allowed to reside there chained
to my Civ II folder forever.

A top 100 scenario, then, is one that is worth playing even after you’ve
downloaded 500 megs of scenarios. It means that these scenarios are so good
that when you want to play a good scenario, you need not look any further.
These scenarios deserve recognition for their outstanding quality. It is
my hope that everyone places these scenarios on their hard drive under "TOP100"
directory in their scenario folders. This is the only proper place for these

In order to choose which scenarios made the Top 100, I had to set a few ground


Top 100’s MUST include the following:

>>>A sensible (accurate if historical)
storyline for the scenario IN A TITLE BOX!

>>>At least one new unit OR a unit used

>>>At least one terrain, resource, or adaptation
or rule change.

>>>At least one new icon, wonder, civ advance,
improvement or rule change.

>>>A believable map or at the very least an
appropriate map.

>>>Few spelling errors (Non-English versions


CiC versions or higher, then SHOULD include:

>>>A title picture.

>>>An events file that interacts with the

>>>APPROPRIATE sounds that match the


Preferrably the scenario MAY HAVE:

>>>An updated Pedia file

>>>Changes in art such as the window border
and backgrounds

>>>New terrains, icons, resources that are
unique to the scenario

>>>New or Appropriate Cities

>>>New or Appropriately selected units

Other considerations

In case you are wondering: Some scenarios that did not have a readme.txt
file did not get consideration. This is because lack of documentation
automatically disqualifies an author from the Top 100. Scenarios that came
with Conflicts in Civilizations, Fantastic Worlds, or Multiplayer Gold CDs
were not reviewed.

*Please note that Classic Civ II scenarios are exempt of some techicalities
simply because of the time period. It would not make any sense to score graphics
and sounds changes unless the intention was to create a full fledged
modpack, which in all honesty should not be counted against early scenarios
designers because many authors wrote scenarios for existing mods (e.g. scenarios
for the Fascist Patch).

**Also, year and version for which the scenario is designed plays a HUGE
role in its selection. Game play for older scenarios can be quite different
because they often do not have events and must rely on other aspects of the
game (e.g. unique map, special units, etc.).

***An HONORABLE MENTION designation has been given to scenarios that may
not fully meet these qualifications but in some way the scenario has merit
and a high quality of play. Perhaps an update is needed to make this scenario
a Top 100.





  Classic Civ2


  =              Conflicts in


  =              Fantastic


                MGE  =
            MultiPlayer Gold Edition,  



      Ultimate Civ2

*    Rename Labels.txt included with mod to Labels.bak

**  Rename Labels.txt & Game.txt included with mod

+   Game may crash for higher versions

++ Difficult installation

Note: For most modpacks, you may load them into a scenario directory;
start a regular game and save it into that directory and then start the saved
game to get the desired modpack to work for CiC or higher.

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