Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: Top 100 Story

My Story

Finally, you should know that I personally reviewed 497 scenarios in 10 months.
Needless to say that is quite a feat. I want everyone to know that scenarios
lacking a readme file were tossed almost immediately. I simply cannot list
an anonymous scenario here because the point is to CREDIT the author’s
workmanship. Everyone got a fair shake and I played 246 scenarios "as time
permitted" (most of the time four or five games were started in a weekend
and I stayed up late Sunday night until 3 or 4 am. I may need to see a
psychiatrist for this addiction). Of those scenarios that grabbed my attention,
some were already nominated for the Scenario Hall of Fame. SHOF scenarios
will only appear in the Scenario Hall of Fame (it goes without saying that
these are the most excellent). And yes, sometimes I played them more than
once 🙂

Honorable Mention scenarios lost my attention after some time or left me
with an incomplete feeling at the end. I did not have the time nor did I
take the time to give a review in any detail; playing these scenarios was
a great undertaking. Unless the scenario is SHOF material, I most likely
did not remember the exact game I played and even then, for the most part,
I just remember that it was excellent.

By the way, the Top 100 is not the only thing that I have wrestled with.
If you’d like to read a few things about the funny situations I’ve encounted
as a modpack/scenario author try reading

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