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Full Site Title: Civilization Fanatics’ Center

Compact Site Titles: CivFanatics,

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Description: A major fan site for the entire Civilization series. Contains complete news coverage, strategy articles, reference guides, downloads, galleries, and highly active forums.

Location: United States

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Two link exchange options are available:

  • Standard Link Exchange

Benefit: A text link to your site on the Links Page.

Qualifications: Any Civilization fan site and most gaming sites are eligible, as long as it has some useful content.

  • Affiliate Link Exchange (NOTE: We are not accepting new affiliate links at this time)

Benefit: A text link to your site on the Links Page AND on many other pages (under "AFFILIATES" in the left navigation panel).

Qualifications: High quality gaming sites with at least 3000 unique visitors a day. Note that we don’t affiliate with sites that are not yet completed or sites that don’t have much content. 

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