Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

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From the beginning, the Persian nomads were learned and prosperous. 20,000 men, women, and children carried with them the secrets of irrigating, trail marking, mining. They had tamed the wild horse and followed a settled code of laws. When a Persian crafter solved the puzzle of working bronze he also realized a nomadic people could not exploit this new knowledge. (Note: * indicates a screenshot is available for that event. The list of screenshots are here.)

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4000     1st Persian settlers make contact with a unit of Legionnaires.

            2nd Settlers found Susa.

            Persian wise men begin addressing the matter of death in a settled society.

3800     Persian rites of Ceremonial Burial set, study begins of a more efficient method 

           of governing the growing population.

3650    Susa forms the 1st Horse military unit. Exploration of surrounding land begins.

3600    To the east, the 1st Horse finds a primitive hunting village and “persuades” its     

            elders to come under the Persian banner. Dravida becomes Persia’s second city.

3350    Persian wise men develop the system of Monarchy and name Cyrus King. *

          Taxes under despotism: 2/0-11-2/6/2

          The wise Darius points out a new system of record keeping will be needed; 

          oral will simply be inadequate.

3300    Persian Kingdom firmly established. * Taxes: 2/0-9-2/6/2

3200    1st Horse finds another unit of Legionnaires in the hill lands north of Susa.

3100    Settlers leave Susa, heading north. Dravida forms the 1st Phalanx unit.

3000    1st Legion finds the lost knowledge of Map Making, and promptly returns to Susa.

2900    1st Horse finds a unit of Elephant-riding soldiers along the coast of the western sea

           and brings them under the Persian banner.

           Susan settlers found Behistun, the third city of the Persian Kingdom.

2800    Persian Cuneiform Writing developed and Persian wise men begin its spread.

2700   Lord Macaulay pronounces Persia the largest of civilizations. *

2600    A new band of settlers leave Susa, heading west.

2450    1st Horse discovers the lost knowledge of Currency.

            Behistun forms the 2nd Persian Phalanx.

2400    Settlers depart Dravida, heading east.

2300    Susan settlers, accompanied by the 2nd Legion, reach a hill overlooking the

           western sea and found Syria.

2250    The population of the Persian Kingdom reaches 100,000. *

2200    Syrian farmers report sighting a band of Elephant riders under a green banner to

           south of the city. A band of warriors is hastily assembled.

            1st Persian Elephants find a band of Legionnaires north of Dravida and 

            bring them into the Kingdom.

            A receptive emissary of Queen Shakala of the Zulus approches Syria and hails.

            Zulus offer knowledge of Polytheism in exchange for Bronze Working.

            The offer is accepted but the Zulu knowledge of Masonry is taken

            instead. Zulus repeat the offer, requesting Writing, but take the

            offering of Currency in exchange for Polytheism

            A new offer, Mathematics for Writing, is     quickly accepted.

            Peace is established between the Zulu Nation and Persia. *

2150    1st Horse finds another unit of Elephant soldiers on the Zulu side of the Red Sea.

2000   Susa builds Persia’s first Temple. 

          Inspired, Cyrus orders a massive project, a wondrously colossal statue of bronze.

           Dravida forms the 2nd Persian Horse unit.

1950    1st Elephants discover the village of the Aryans, Aryas, in the great plain of the northeast, and

           brings it under the Persian banner.

1900    Cyrus receives the report that Literacy has spread throughout the Kingdom.

1850    2nd Horse finds lost secrets of Mysticism.

1800    Persian wise men begin formal debate on the basic tenets of philosophy.

          1st Horse finds the lost knowledge of Trade.

1750    A band of settlers departs Behistun, headed northeast.

1700    1st Horse warned that it is within Zulu territory near Ulundi.

1650    1st Horse notes position of Ulundi and departs peacefully.

            Dravidan settlers found Ghature southeast of Dravida.

1600     1st Horse discovers the lost secrets of Philosophy in the far western wastes and

            sends the knowledge to Susa. *

1550      Persian crafters develop Pottery. Syrian fishermen begin improvements on

            fishing boats designed for rivers.

            Behistun settlers found Balkh even as more settlers head east from Dravida.

1500      Persian High Council meets. Taxes: 7/1-18-2/7/1 *

            Science and military and cities status submitted for review. * * * *

            1st Elephant discovers lost knowledge of Medicine.

1450     Aryas forms a Phalanx unit.

1400     1st Elephant meets an orange-banners horse unit at the north tip of the north sea.

            A receptive emissary of England hails in the name of Elizabeth I.

             The English offer to trade Seafaring for Literacy and scoff at the

             counter offer of Writing. Peace is established  * and Cyrus takes the English’s initial deal.

            2nd Horse, in the far east, discovers a primitive hunting village and beguiles Chu

            into becoming a distant part of the Persian Kingdom.

1300    Ghature forms a Phalanx unit.

            2nd Horse reaches the Eastern Ocean.

            1st Elephant meets a purple-bannered horse unit west of its previous encounter.

           A receptive emissary of the Vikings offers peace in the name of Gunnhild.         

           Peace is established. * Cyrus notes that women rule all foreign nations.

            1st Horse discovers lost knowledge of the University system.

1050    Balkh forms their Phalanx unit.

1000    An alien warrior, under a white banner, is spied north of Syria by farmers.

           English horse encroaches Aryas’ land. Elizabeth is hailed and she inexplicably

           offers peace again. It is accepted, but the horse does not leave.

            Defense Minister Xerxes receives a report that an unknown nation called Rome

           has been destroyed by another unknown nation called Spain. *

975      Dravidan settlers found Deccan as settlers from Syria head south.

           Chu forms its Phalanx unit.

            English horse unit, that had left Aryas’ land, returns.

950      Behistun begins a wondrous project to counter point that in Susa: a massive

           garden that stretches into the sky.

            Persian emissary hails Elizabeth and she again offers peace, which is again accepted.

            2nd Horse finds a Legion unit north of Chu and sends it to bolster that city.

            2nd Elephants, circling back to Persia, finds a city of an unknown civilization.

           An emissary emerges from the city, Veii, and hails in the name of Isabella of Spain.

           Spanish offer to trade Iron Working for Philosophy and

           scoff at the counter-offer of Literacy. 

           Peace is established and Cyrus accepts their deal for knowledge exchange.

            Chu hunters report two barbarian legions have landed southeast of the city.

925      Construction is completed on the Colossus of Susa.

900      English sneak attack! * Their horse unit attacks Aryas and kills its Phalanx.

875      Aryas settlers depart the city, headed south.

           4th Legion kills a barbarian legion south of Chu. *

            Aryas settlers are attacked by the English horsemen, but fend them off. *

850      Rioting in Behistun.

825      Syrian settlers cross the isthmus between the western and red seas and found Suez,

           preempting a suspected Zulu attempt to settle the area.

            Another English horse unit attacks, and razes, Aryas.

            Pliny’s epic of the Largest Civilizations:1) Persia 2) Zulu Nation 3) Spain

            4) Viking Nation 5) England  *

            Viking horsemen attack and kill Spanish Elephant unit north of Syrian land.

800       Persian crafters and scholars develop standards of Construction. Defense

            Minister Xerxes begins development of a warrior’s code.

            Zulu units still within Suez’ land.  * Cyrus hails Shakala, insists their removal and

            receives instant compliance.

775      Persia’s population reaches one-half million. *

            4th Legion kills second barbarian legion at the walls of Chu.

750      2nd Horse captures leader of the barbarians.

725      Deccan forms its Phalanx.

           Traders report the Zulus have begun constructing gigantic pyramids.

700      Syria commissions a diplomat.

           Traders report the Vikings have begun constructing a great library.

675      Settlers depart Chu and Balkh.

650      Susa constructs Persia’s first Marketplace.

           1st Elephants destroy English horsemen that razed Aryas. Rumor of lost refugees. *

           Gunnhild hails and requests Persia join her war against Isabella. She is denied.

625      Riots in Ghature.

           2nd Horse finds nomads wandering the desert northwest of Chu.

600      Suez forms the 5th Legion.

575      Chu nomads found Myanmar in the hills southwest of Chu.

           Persian observers witness Viking horsemen kill Spanish warrior band southeast of

           Veii, learn that city once belong to the Roman civilization, and watch a band of English 

           warriors die attacking those same horsemen.

550      Riots in Behistun compel King Cyrus to invest 220 gold in hurried completion of the

           Hanging Gardens project.

            Settlers leave Dravida and Susa.

525      Ghature forms the Persian 3rd Elephants.

            Completion of the Hanging Gardens of Behistun. *

            Spanish Legionnaires kill the Viking horsemen outside Veii.

500      Isabella hails and offers to trade knowledge of the Wheel in exchange for

           Construction. That offer is accepted but the offer of Warrior Code for University is refused.

475      Rumors, coming by way of England, report that an unknown civilization called

           the Su are constructing gigantic pyramids ala the Zulus.

            Zulus change from constructing such pyramids to begin racing the Vikings in 

           completing a great library.

450      Settlers from Balkh found Kara Kum at the southern edge of the northern desert.

           2nd Horse discovers the lost knowledge of Monotheism.

425      Balkh commissions a diplomat. Riots in Syria prompt a replacing of governors.

           At the order of King Cyrus, a great exploration of the uncharted north is begun.

            A team of explorers, under the command of Liu Yuan, departs Chu.

400      Yuan Expedition discovers the lost knowledge of the Republic.

           Suez builds Perisa’s first trireme, the “Alteer”.

375      Susan settlers found Medestown at the southern edge of the north sea.

           Syria form the 6th Persian Legion.

           Two Diplomats load onto the Alteer with the mission to establish embassies with

            Spain and England.

           1st Horse reaches a western ocean at the edge of the “Egyr” continent.

350      Settlers depart from Deccan, headed for the mineral-rich Brahman mountains.

           2nd Horse finds the lost knowledge of Astronomy.

           Embassy established with Spain at Veii. *

           First report from the embassy tells that the Spanish have learned Astronomy.

325      Susa completes its City Walls. Cyrus orders the construction of a great

           observatory to take full advantage of the new science of Astronomy.

            Myanmar forms its Phalanx.     

            2nd Elephants encounter an English horse unit in the eastern “chill lands” and are

           hailed. Elizabeth’s emissary offers a cease-fire, which is accepted, and

           then a peace which is accepted with the addition of 400 gold in reparations from England.

300      Ghature builds Persia’s second Temple.

           2nd Elephants locate England’s Nottingham.

            Behistun forms the Persian 7th Legion. Micari, governor of the city, determines,

           with Royal approval, to construct the greatest of Chapels within Behistun.

            Embassy in Spain reports the Spanish and English have begun to war.

275      2nd Elephants near the city of Toledo and are warned away by Spain.

250      Yuan Expedition locates the settlement of the rumored refugees of the razing of

           Aryas. Arayas citizens rejoin the Kingdom with the promise of better protection.

            Spain joins the race to construct the world’s greatest library.

225      Deccan settlers found Shiva Peak deep within the Brahman mountains.

200      Kara Kum forms its Phalanx.

           Yuan Expedition finds a unit of Legionnaires north of Arayas, beguile them into

           joining the Kingdom as protection for Arayas.

            Dravida forms the 1st Persian Crusaders.

175      Settlers depart from Chu, heading southeast toward the Yellow Sea

150      Defense Minister Xerxes finalizes the Persian Warrior Code.

           Minister Darius requests attention to improving Persia’s frail bridges.

           Yuan Expedition finds the lost knowledge of Engineering.

           Traders report the Zulus have completed their Great Library at Zimbabwe.

           Reports file in that the Spanish have decided to construct an observatory

           ala Persia, the Vikings have changed their project to the pyramids, and the

           mysterious Su have changed to constructing a great lighthouse.

           Traders out of the cold lands report the Vikings have finished constructing their

           Great Pyramids at Trondheim.

125     Medestown forms its Phalanx. Embassy established with England at London. *

          Ambassador reports that the English and Su – “Sioux” – have declared war on each other.

100     Yuan Expedition discovers the lost knowledge of Fuedalism.

           Settlers from Chu found Hong Kong on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

75       1st Horse discovers the lost knowledge of Banking.

          Spanish catapult unit kills English horse unit north of Toledo.

50       Riots in Syria prompt another change in governors.

          Embassy in London overhears the Sioux have completed a giant Lighthouse at Little Bighorn.

25      Census bureau reports the population of Persia at 1,010,000. *

         Deccan forms the Persian 8th Legion.


1        Persian High Council meets. Reports on Persian taxes, military, and sciences are

         submitted for King Cyrus’ review.* * * * * * (Taxes: 19/3-30-2/6/2)

          Yuan Expedition finds a free unit of Crusaders in the Great North Forest.

20      Shiva Peak forms Persia’s first unit of Pikemen.

60      Settlers depart both Arayas and Myanmar.

         Yuan Expedition warned away from the Viking’s city of Hladir.

         Myanmar farmers report the landing of barbarian legions south of the city.

80      Dravidan settlers found, on King’s order, Etsahara, along the coast of the Red

         Sea south of Suez.

          Barbarian legion attacks Myanmar and is repelled by the city’s Phalanx.

100    Yuan Expedition finds the lost knowledge of Bridge Building.

         Ambassador to England reports the Elizabeth and Gunnhild have declared war on each other.

120    Defense Minister Xerxes begins refining Persia’s Warrior Code.

         Settlers depart from Balkh and Kara Kum.

         Syria completes its City Walls.

         Warned by the Embassy in Spain regarding Isabella’s progress on their

         observatory, Cyrus pumps almost half the Persian treasury into completing the project at once.

         Hong Kong forms their Pikemen unit.

         Embassy in London reports the English development of the Wheel, and that an

         English horse unit, though very wounded in the battle, has taken the

         Spanish city of Toledo and with it the knowledge of Astronomy.

          Gunnhild hails and invites Persia to join them in her new war against Isabella.

         The offer is quickly declined.

140    The governor of Suez, anxious to raise the prominence of his city, begins

         constructing a wondrous theatre.

          Construction is completed on the Cyrus Observatory at Susa. *The wise men become scholars.

         The embassy in Veii reports the Spanish have abandoned their project, and that

         they have learned the science of Navigation.

         Spanish archers liberate the city of Toledo, and take the knowledge of Monarchy. 160  

         Reviewing the tax and science situation, (17/3-20-2/7/1) King Cyrus decides to

         move Persia toward Republicanism.

180    Revolts in Deccan, Chu, Ghature, Syria, and Susa protest the change.

200    Order is restored in all Persian cities.

220    Settlers depart from Deccan. Balkh commissions a diplomat.

         Cyrus Eterna is proclaimed Council of Persian Republic. * Taxes: 23/3-14-2/6/2

240    Riots in Deccan. Chu and Syria build Temples.

         Yuan Expedition finds another unit of Crusaders in the Great North Forest and

         brings them into the Republic as the 3rd Crusader unit.

         Barbarian Horsemen spotted south of Myanmar.

260    Deccan builds Temple to quell the too-frequent riots.

         Suez farmers report encroachment by a Zulu catapult unit. Shakala is hailed and,

         upon insisting by Council Cyrus, withdraws the unit.

          Toynbee’s Epic of Most Advanced Civilizations: 1) Persia 2) Spain 3) England

          4) Zulu Nation 6) Viking Nation *

         Barbarian horse unit killed attacking Myanmar by the city’s Phalanx.

280    Yuan Expedition finds the lost knowledge of Theology.

         Embassy in Veii reports the overthrow of the Spanish Despotism.

300    Spain becomes a Monarchy. Embassy reports Spain given Bridge Building from

         the Vikings and the end of their war. Further reports indicate the formation

         of a secret Gunnhild/Isabella alliance against Elizabeth.

320    Kara Kum settlers found Darya northeast of Balkh.

        Yuan Expedition reaches an arctic sea north of the Great North Forest, due north of Susa.

340    Riots in Balkh. Ghature builds a Marketplace.

360   Defense Minister Xerxes completes his warrior code refinement in the form of Chivalry.

        Scholars begin general contemplation of implications observed via Observatory.

        Balkh completes its Temple, riots quelled.

380   Riots in Ghature.

400   Riots in Myanmar and Dravida. Susa builds the 1st Bank of Persia.

        Yuan Expedition finds another unit of Crusaders in the Great North Forest and

        brings them into the Republic as the 4th Crusaders.

420   Dravida completes its Temple. Darya forms their Pikemen unit.

440   Diplomat establishes embassy with the Zulu Nation at Isandhlwana. *Map of Persia compiled * *

460   Yuan Expedition finds nomads in the Great North Forest and beguiles them with

        tales of the wondrous Persian Republic. Ghature forms its Pikemen unit.

         Hong Kong builds Persia’s second Trireme, “Bazel”.

        Embassy in London reports the English have learned Bridge Building.

500   Riots in Syria.

        Yuan Expedition finds the lost knowledge of Invention.

        Council Cyrus orders Suez’ Governor Leonard to change projects and construct

        an invention workshop to exploit the new knowledge.

        4th Crusaders, given the task of patroling Persia’s border northwest of the north

        sea, find the Spanish city Valencia and are warned away.

520   4th Crusaders locate the Viking city of Viborg by a river.

        Spanish catapult razes Nottingham and take the knowledge of Medicine from ruins.

        Embassy with Zulus report they’ve gain Medicine from the scholars at the Great Library.

580   Riots in Mayanmar.

        Scholars at the Great Observatory develop the Theory of Gravity, then begin

        drawing up a dependable map of the stars and planetary orbits.

         Yuan Expedition finds a unit of Legionnaires in the Great North Forest and brings

        them into the Republic as the 10th Legion, defenders of Darya.

600   Balkh settlers found Sahara Hill, on a hilltop near two oasis’s and an oil deposit.

        Vikings capture England’s city of Hastings.

        Embassy with Zulu’s report the have gained Philosophy by way of the scholars atthe Great Library

620   Riots in Kara Kum.

        Cyrus grants the requests of Persian scholars to develop a Republic sponsored

        College of Science attached to the Observatory at Susa.

         Embassies report the English development of the University system, which is at once

        picked up by the Zulu scholars at the Great Library.

         Embassy in Veii reports the Isabella and Gunnhild have resumed their war.

640   Darya commissions a diplomat.

        Spanish develop Monotheism, which is picked up by the Zulu scholars.

660   Yuan Expedition finds yet another unit of free Crusaders in the Great North Forest,

        and brings them under the Persian banner as the 5th Crusaders.

         Myanmar settlers found Chi north of Chu.

680   More riots in Myanmar, governor rushes completion of a temple.

        “Bazel” finds a large island in the ocean east of Chi and name it Isle of Dawn.

700   Myanmar’s Temple opens and quells rioting.

        Tired of constant rioting throughout the Republic, Cyrus order the immediate

        completion of the Chapel at Behistun, draining almost half the treasury.

         Balkh forms the Persian 1st Knights.

         2nd Horse loads onto “Bazel” with exploration mission.

         Spanish phalanx out of Valencia observed attacking Viking settlers and being defeated by them.

        Spanish catapult unit razes the Viking city of Viborg.

720   Syria builds a Marketplace and begins construction on a Theatre along the plans 

        Suez had drawn up.

         First worship service held at the wondrous Mikala Chapel at Behistun. Impressed,

        Council Cyrus orders an addition made that is to be just as wondrous.

        Embassy established with the Vikings at Hladir.

        Zulu elephants cross the border near Etsahara and Sahara Hill.

740   Census bureau reports the Persian population at 2110,000  *

        Shakala is hailed. Though initially receptive, the insistence by Cyrus that she

        withdraw her troops chills her attitude. *  She complies, and is won over to

        receptive by the offering of a paltry 50 gold.

         The emissary that handled that negotiation reports the Zulus have learned the

        methods of Invention and begun constructing a great workshop ala Suez.

760   Determine to avoid rioting, the governor of Hong Kong builds a public Temple.

        Chi forms their Pikemen unit.

        Zulu elephants again cross the border near Sahara Hill.

        Gunnhild hails  * and invites Persia to join her renewed war with Isabella. The offer is declined.

        Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulu scholars have learned Navigation by way

        of the Great Library.

780   Persian scholars develop Navigation without the help of a Great Library.

        A mysterious explosion in Dravida compels Cyrus to master its cause.

         Council Cyrus hails Shakala and insists she withdraw troops. She does, and even

        remains in a receptive frame of mind.

         Sahara Hill forms their Pikemen unit.

         Yuan Expedition locates the village of the Hsiung Yu barbarians and, with practiced

        tales of the wonders of Persia, brings them into the Republic.

         Zulu scholars at the Great Library learn the methods of Seafaring.

         Spanish catapult destroys Viking settlers north-northeast of Valencia.

         Gunnhild and Isabella make peace again.

         Zulu catapult crosses border from the east at Suez.

800   Settlers prepare to leave Etsahara but are recalled when it is realized there is not

        enough food production to support them and are set to work on Etsahara’s walls project.         

        Settlers from Arayas found Aqtau’ on eastern coast of North Sea.

         Shakala refuses to grant an audience to Cyrus’ emissary. A sneak attack by the Zulus

        is prepared for.

         1st Knights ready to launch pre-emptive strike against the Zulu catapult from Suez,

        but the action is overruled by the Senate. Cyrus fumes.

         The Zulu catapult withdraws from the walls of Suez. (Due to saber rattling?)

         Chi farmers report sighting two sets of barbarian horsemen northwest of the city.

820   Balkh forms a unit of Pikemen and disbands their Phalanx.

        Medestown completes their City Walls.

        Lord Macaulay’s epc of Most Powerful Civilizations: 1) Persia 3) Spain

        4) Zulu Nation 5) Viking Nation 6) England *

840   Kara Kum opens a Temple.

         “Bazel” locates an island in the Arctic Sea northeast of the Isle of Dawn.

         Embassy in London reports the English have learned the Sioux have begun an Engineering Crusade.

        Chi Pikemen fend off attack by both units of barbarian horsemen.

880   Chu opens a Marketplace.

        Yuan Expedition finds a finds a unit of Legionnaires and compels them to join the

        Republic as the 11th Legion, defenders of Hsiung Yu.

900   The Captain of the “Bazel”, Magell, realizes he has been following the coast of

        something much more than a mere island.

         Embassy at Hladir report that the Vikings have learned the methods of a Republic.

         Barbarian Trireme attacks the “Bazel” and is sunk with three units. *

940   2nd Horse disembarks from “Bazel” to explore the new found land.

        Embassy at Hladir reports the Vikings have overthrown the Gunnhild Monarchy.

960   Work is completed at the Leonard Workshop at Suez,  * and the effects are

        immediate. All Horse units are upgraded to Knights, all Elephants units are

        upgraded to Crusaders, all Phalanxes are upgraded to Pikemen, and the

        Triremes to Caravals. Furthermore, Scholars in Susa announce they have

        solved the puzzle of the explosion in Dravida and learned the formula for Gunpowder

        All Pikemen and Legions are upgraded to Musketeers.

         Xerxes reorganizes the entire Persian military.

         The Zulus abandon their efforts at creating such a workshop.

         Persian scholars, inspired by their recent success, begin a general study of chemistry.

         Embassy at Hladir reports the Viking nation is now a Republic.

         Spain begins constructing a wondrous theatre ala Syria.

1000  Persian High Council meets. Reports on Persian Taxes, Science, Military, and city

        comparisons are presented for Cyrus’ review. * * * * *Taxes: 18/17-10-1/6/3

         Myanmar completes their City Walls and put funds to a massive sea voyage.

         Embassy in London reports the English have learned Engineering.

         Again a Zulu catapult unit crosses the border at Suez.

         Two Spanish catapult units seen on the move northeast of Valencia.

1020  Dravida commissions a diplomat.

        Cyrus hails Shakala and insists she withdraw the catapult. She does without protest.

        Elizabeth I hails and invites Persia to war against Gunnhild, but is refused.

        Two groups of Elephant-riding barbarians march toward Myanmar.

1040  Arayas completes its City Walls.

        25th Musketeers kill both units of barbarian elephant-riders attacking Myanmar.

         Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulus have completed a project akin to the

        Sioux called “Queen Shakala’s Crusade.*

         Embassy in London reports the Sioux have changed their efforts to constructing a Great Wall.

1080  Aqtau’ forms the 28th Persian Musketeers.

1100  Settlers depart Chu.

        On advise from Darius, Council Cyrus shifts tax distribution. 44/17-10-2/6/2

        Embassy at Hladir reports Vikings have learned Navigation and are funding a world-wide

        sailing expedition.

         Embassy in Veii reports Spain has given Writing to the Vikings in exchange for the Republic.

1120  Hong Kong completes its City Walls.

        Settlers leave Suez, heading west for the coast.

        3rd Knights, formerly 2nd Horse, on the plains of the new found continent, encounter

        warriors under a purple banner who offer greetings in the name of Sitting Bull, 

        leader of the Sioux. Sioux emissary demands Persia break the treaty with England and is refused.

        Sioux then demand the secret of Gunpowder and, when refused, declare war on Persia. *

         3rd Knights strike first, killing a Sioux warrior and legion unit in one battle. *

         Sioux warriors strike at 3rd Knights from nearby Wood Lake. They are beaten but the

        Perisan knights are sorely wounded.

         Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulu have mastered Chemistry. This marks the

        beginning of a rivalry between Persian and Zulu scholars.

1140  Sahara Hill completes its City Walls.

        3rd Knights ignore their wounds and attack Wood Lake. * They defeat the Sioux

        horse defending the city and raze it, then capture a messenger reporting the

        completion of the Sioux Great Wall of Little Bighorn. *

1160  Deccan opens a Marketplace.

        Persian scholars master Chemistry, and concentrate on its explosive formulas.

        Embassy in Veii reports the Spanish have learned the principles of Physics.

1180  Ghature completes its City Walls.

        Yuan Expedition completes its exploration and mapping of the Great North and heads toward Chi.

        Gunnhild and Isabella return to warring against each other.

1200   Faculty is assembled for opening of the Issa Newbur College at Susa. * The

         scholars become scientists.

1220   Settlers from Suez found Maurita on the coast of the Western Ocean.

1240   Chi completes their City Walls. Hsiung Yu forms the 4th Knights.

          After a long time of evasion, 3rd Knights finally seems hemmed in by Sioux units. *

          Embassy at Veii reports the Spanish monarchy has been overthrown.

1260    Sioux Charioteers kill Persian 3rd Knights.

          Appropriate embassies report the Vikings learning Physics and the Zulus gaining it

          by way of their Great Library.

           Embassy at Veii reports Spain is now a Republic.

1280    Settlers depart Sahara Hill. Ayaras opens a Marketplace.

          Worried that three other nations understand Physics, Cyrus hails Isabella. She offers

          an exchange of Physics for Gunpowder and scoffs at the counter-offer of

          Invention. She offers an Alliance between Spain and Persia, but that is politely refused.

           Isabella hails and repeats her initial exchange offer, and again scoffs at 

          the same Persian counter-offer.

           Shakala, perhaps noting the dialogue between Persia and Spain, hails Cyrus and

          offers Physics in exchange for Gunpowder, but is refused. They have crossed

          the border too many times.

1300    Persian scientists develop dependable Explosives. All settlers are upgraded to

          Engineers. At Council Cyrus’ direction, scientific efforts focus on Physics

1340    Hong Kong fishermen report two set of barbarian elephant riders landing across the

          bay, far south of Myanmar.

           Spain completes the Spanish Theatre at Madrid. *

1360    Susa opens the first Persian public Library, encouraging general scholarship.

          Syria begins competing with Myanmar and the Vikings to fund a world-wide sailing expedition.

1380    First worship service held in the Jesa Bach Cathedral at Behistun.  * Religious

          euphoria sweeps through the Republic.

           Maurita forms the 29th Musketeers.

          Chi builds the 3rd Trireme, “China”.  2nd Yuan Expedition embarks with the mission

          to explore the Sioux continent.

           Word comes via England that the Sioux have joined the race to complete a world-

          wide sailing Expedition.

           Barbarian elephant-riders attack Myanmar and are killed by the 25th Musketeers.

1400    Medestown, Kara Kum, and Dravida all open Marketplaces.

          Embassy in London reports the English have learned the methods of Invention.

          Persian traders witness Zulu phalanx defeat barbarian horsemen attacking Zimbabwe

          Gunnhild hails and invites Perisa to join them in her war on Spain. She is refused.

1420    Aqtau’ completes their City Walls.

          25th Musketeers repeat their success against more barbarian elephant-riders.

           Zulu phalanx at Zimbabwe does as well.

           Gunnhild and Isabella make peace.

1440    Darya completes their City Walls.  Hong Kong opens a Marketplace.

          “Bazel”, sailing east in the middle of the Western Ocean, encounters an English Trireme.

          Embassy with Zulus report they have developed a Steam Engine.

          Embassy with the Vikings report they have learned to exploit Magnetism.

1460    Persian scientists finally master Physics.

          Cyrus begins contemplating a way to improve the republic governing system without

          alienating the people.

1480    Embassy at Veii reports the Spanish have learned to exploit Magnetism.

          Zulu scholars at the Great Library deliver that same knowledge to Shakala.

           Gibban’s epic of the Largest Civilizations: 1) Persia 2) Zulu Nation 3) Viking Nation

           4) Spain 5) Sioux Nation 6) England *

          Gunnhild and Elizabeth make peace.

           Spain joins the race to be the first nation to sail around the world.

1500    “Bazel” reaches Spanish coast after traveling east from Hong Kong.

          Elizabeth and Sitting Bull make peace.

          Barbarian Caravel sinks “China” along with the 2nd Yuan Expedition.

1510    Arayas forms an Engineering Team.

          Faced with a growing population, Susa builds an Aqueduct.

          English Trireme, with a unit, sighted at coast of Maurita. *

1530    Shakala announces the Zulu nation is constructing the greatest Tower in the world.

          A Viking charioteer approached the 2nd Crusaders, fortified on the Meden Isthmus.

           Gunnhild hails and offers to trade Magnetism for Gunpowder. Cyrus

          considers but refuses. Had the Chill Lands still been at war it would have

          been worthwhile, but now the knowledge will only be freely traded and too quickly spread.

1540    Settlers from Chu found Chu’nor southwest of Hsiung Yu.

          Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulus have gained the Warrior Code by way of

          the scholars at the Great Library.

1550    Etsahara completes their City Walls.

          Council Cyrus presents the principles of Democracy to the Persian Senate. Word of

          it spreads like wildfire through the Republic and the citizenry demands its

         immediate implementation.   (taxes: 61/26-7-2/6/2)

          Syria begins construction of a Statue symbolizing those principles and their demand by the people.

         “Bazel” docks in Maurita, Captain Magell’s Expedition is complete. *

1560   Engineers from Sahara Hill lost due to anarchy-induced famine.

         Word of “Bazel”s successful voyage, and what it taught about sailing, spreads.

          Vikings, Spanish, and Sioux abandon their efforts.

         Behistun opens a Marketplace.

         Arayas forms the 1st Explorer Corp with the mission to check the Vikings’ expansion

         in the Great North.

          England gains Navigation from Spain in exchange for Invention, and the two nations make peace.

1570   England gains the Republic from the Vikings in exchange for Invention and these

         two nations make peace.

         England gains Physics from the Vikings in exchange for Trade.

          Embassy at Hladir reports the Vikings have begun constructing a Great Embassy.

1580   Persia fully adopts the methods of Democracy and Cyrus Eterna is named President. *

         Taxes: 78/27-6-2/6/2

          Settlers from Deccan found Urumqi’ between Chu’nor and Arayas.

          Vikings gain Warrior Code from Spain in exchange for Trade.

1590   Balkh opens a Marketplace. Chu’nor forms the 30th Musketeers.

         Spanish catapult approaches Fort Adam. Isabella hails and offers to exchange

         Magnetism for Gunpowder. She scoffs at the counter-offer of Engineering.

         Spain gains Engineering from England in exchange for Writing and then gains

         Univeristy from them in exchange for Magnetism.

1600   Medestown forms an Engineering Team.

         Persian diplomat establishes an embassy with the Sioux at Big Mound.* 

         Ambassador hails Sitting Bull and is presented with the Sioux demand for 250 gold! * 

         It is refused and the state of war continues.

          Investigation of Sioux science reveals they are studying Gunpowder. Shakala is

         hailed with the intention of offering that knowledge for trade before the Zulu gain it via

         their Library, but her emissary says they are too busy with their Tower project to consider a

         knowledge trade.

          Embassy in London reports the English monarchy is overthrown.

          Embassy at Hladir reports the Vikings have learned Banking and that they at once

         traded it to the English in exchange for Engineering.

1610   Cyrus initiates a Library building program throughout Persia.

          Elizabeth I announces she is Council of the new English Republic.

1620    Chu completes their City Walls.

          Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulu have developed a Railroad travel system

          and that their Tower project has been changed to a scholarly Voyage of discovery and learning.

1630    Persian scientists catch up with the nations in understanding Magnetism. Financial

          Minister Darius begins researching ways to strengthen the Persian Economy.

1640    Suez opens a Marketplace. Susa opens a public University. Cyrus puts Susa to

          constructing a great, Omni-national Embassy akin to the Vikings’ project.

           Engineers construct Fort Beyer on the Meden Isthmus, giving shelter to the 2nd Crusaders.