Shekelesh unit pack available for Civ III

By | November 25, 2016

Register’s Shekelesh unit pack is now available to download to enhance your Civ III ancient era experience!


The pack includes an archer, horse spearman, oxen cart, spearman and two swordsmen; a perfect combination to use in a mod based on the Ancient World. The Shekelesh were named by the Egyptians as one of the Sea Peoples, and these units will be invaluable to modders interested in creating the perfect ancient invasion scenario and to those creating a specific civilization based on the Shekelesh.

Register credits Kinboat, utahjazz7, CamJH, Plotinus, Micaelus, Steph, and Moeniir for their resources that helped him to create the units. This excellent pack just goes to show that Civ III modding is still thriving and still generating some interesting, good quality and extremely useful mods!