ModCast Episode 71: “Faucet’s On”

By | June 10, 2017

Let if flow. The seventy-first episode of [url=]ModCast[/url], entitled “[url=]Faucet’s On[/url]”, is now netcasting with a 39m33s runtime. Regular co-hosts [url=]Rob “Rob (R8XFT)” Riley[/url], [url=]John “Neirai”[/url] and [url=]Lee “LeeS” Shipp[/url] are joined by a first-time guest co-host in the show’s second compilation of archived segments.

The summary of topics is as follows:

– [i]00m33s[/i] | [b]Miscellaneous[/b]
Considerations in designing [i]Civilization VI[/i] religions (recorded for [url=]Episode 69[/url]), designing generally in [i]CivVI[/i] as well as its two immediate predecessors (05m29s) and contemplating future works loops back greatly on religious considerations (14m05s; recorded for [url=]Episode 70[/url]).

[u]ModCast[/u] is the first spin-off of the [i]Civ[/i] strategy-centric [url=]PolyCast[/url]; fellow sibling [url=][u]TurnCast[/u][/url] focuses on [i]Civ[/i] multiplay.