Steam 2K Publisher Weekend Sale

By | February 5, 2021

Steam is having a 2K publisher sale this weekend. Some of the deals include:

  • Civilization VI Platinum Edition for just $34.99. It includes the base game, 2 expansions (Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm), and 6 DLC packs.
  • Rise and Fall / Gathering Storm expansion pack at $9.99 each
  • Civilization V Complete Edition for $34.47
  • Civilization IV Complete Edition for $7.49
  • Civilization III Complete Edition for $1.24
  • X-COM 2 for $4.80.

Check it out!

One thought on “Steam 2K Publisher Weekend Sale

  1. Boogiebomber21

    Hey Guys just for a note, I bought Civ 5 in a shop for 5 euros.

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