Civilization’s 30th birthday: The winning poems #3

By | October 22, 2021

We picked recently our winners of the birthday contest for Civilization, who all received a copy of Old World sponsored by Mohawk Games, as well as a merchandise package. We now want to use this place to highlight these poems.

The third poem has been submitted by our user MasterOaks, and is a very philosophical piece about the passing of time, which also makes it very suitable for Civ.

“A thousand years, the end of an age;

The dawn of Time, which direction must take?

Memories of you have imprinted in my mind…

Alone and standing await to repay in kind.

A thousand years, rivers have formed,

Stones laid bare, new stars appear-

The footprints I’ve left are marked in time,

The winds blown gently to show the signs.

An Age now gone, too quickly doth passed,

The Holy Fyre, extinguished at Last.

And what smokes and embers to leave a trace;

Are all the teachings we’ve embraced.

A millennium, uncounted years-

Unfathomable memories, a crimson tear.

Look there-You see? the light glowing yonder?

From ashes and ruin, silent sounds of the bomber.

Scattered before Me are those fearless fleas,

Like stones tossed and skipped by my Heavanly Steed.

A swing of the scythe and reap of harvest;

Return to the earth what you’ve digested.

Law and Order! The fist comes down-

Much worse than bombs or created things,

Prepare the way for the King of Kings.

Through time we cherish what it means to be kind-

Memories of you have imprinted my mind.

A thousand years….

A thousand years……

Crimson Tears.”

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