The winners of the Old World random draw/competition

By | May 15, 2022

A while ago we got an offer from Soren Johnson from Mohawk Games and Tim Bender from Hooded Horse: You can have 5 key for Old World to distribute among the community. So we ran a small competition, to see what civs the community likes best.

We selected one entry as being the best among all, and this prize goes to Deggial, for his very personal entry:<br/>

“I have only visited a limited assortment of „old world civs“ in my life: Etrusc, Rome, Mycenae, Greece and Egypt.
All of their antiquity site are awesome!

Egypt, however, granted me one of the most impressive experiences in my life:
On my Egypt trip, we had one excess day all of a sudden. We decided to visit one of the lesser frequented sites, the Bent Pyramid in Dahshur. As only a few tourists visit this place, our group was the only one at this time.
It is (was?) possible to enter this pyramid and we climbed down into its central chamber. This was fascinating in itself.
But when we left, I stayed just a little bit longer, finally being alone down there.
The silence.
The smell of stone.
The feeling of weight of thousands of tons of stone and the centuries passed.
I will never forget this moment in my life and I am incredible thankful I was able to experience it.

Therefore – for entirely silly personal reasons – I choose Egypt.”

The prize for the best joke entry goes to Dadais, for this very special entry:

“Let’s go for the coriosolites.

Influenced by the celtic culture they are part of, they hold deep respect for their druid Getafix and great tolerance towards their bard Cacofonix.

While agricultural activities are common to most celtic tribes, the coriosolites are rather opposite to these vegan hobbies, having Unhygienix fishing at sea (or so he says…) and its hunters, their best beeing Asterisk, Obelisk and Dogmatix, hunting for wild boars.

Various sources are implying the coriosolites displayed an invicible weapon, yet couldn’t agree on its nature. Superstitious ones talked about a magic potion, while pragmatics figured a “Lambig” liquid gifted to its hostiles neighbors. Few also found trace of a revered name in these neighbors literacy : “Panacea, whom no soldier could harm”, which arouse strong doubts about their pacifist reputation.

The story of this civilisation is narrated in many books, and their feat is the most incredible :
Their ruler Impedimenta (and her spokesman Vitalstatistix) resisted again and again against Ceasar’s imperial rule !”

The winners of the random draw are 8housesofelixir, cairnsy44 and Das Capitolin. Congratulations to all the winners :).

Congratulate all the winners in the respective thread here.

Old World is currently available in the Epic Store, and will be availabe from May 19 also at GOG and Steam.