ABCClassic: The sound of strategy, volume 2: sci-fi and fantasy

By | August 31, 2022

ABCClassic, normally a broadcaster for classical music, has published their second episode about computer game soundtracks. This episode is about sci-fi and fantasy soundtracks, and might interest some people here, because it contains 2 songs composed by Christopher Tin (who won the Grammy for the Civ4 main theme) for OffWorld Trading Company (a game by the Civ3 lead Soren Johnson). It also features 2 songs for the game Endless Legend, composed by Arnaud Roy, who did the music for Humankind. The songs are introduced by Meena Shamaly, who sang song’s for Old World.

To listen to this episode please click here, and to discuss with us please visit this thread.

Thanks to Meena Shamaly for pointing this out on Twitter.