10 Best PC Turn-Based Strategy Games to play in 2022

By | July 7, 2022

TurnBasedLovers, a website which obviously deals with our favourite type of game, has released another overview what they deem to be the best current turn based games for 2022.

Old World is probably already well known among the civ-fanatics, and is described as the following:

Created by 4X veterans, Old World is the perfect blend of Civilization and Crusader Kings. Not only will you need to grow your Bronze Age empire from a single settler to a thriving polity, but you’ll need to also keep the noble families happy and ensure the succession of the royal line. The characters you choose to govern your cities and lead your armies will have a profound impact on the game, so choose wisely!

The sci-fi strategy game “Cantata“, as well as the Heroes-of-Might-and-Magic inspired “Songs Of Conquest” are probably also worth a look for strategy gamers like us.

You can find the whole list here and discuss this latest entry in our forum here.