Explorminate: The Top 4X Games of 2024(X)

By | February 28, 2024

Explorminate has published a new videos, about the best 4X games to be expected.
They start with how the 90s with Civ2 and MoO was the golden age of 4X, although 2023 also had a ton of good games, including the expansions for Old World and Humankind, GalCiv4, Spellforce and others. They then follow-up with the 5 most interesting games for 2024, including Paradox’ Millennia (including criticizing the graphics but praising the mechanics), Revival: Recolonization, a post-apocalyptic Civ game, which should get out of early access this year, and Ara: History Untold.
Have a look at the video, and tell us here if you agree with their judgement.