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Designer Notes 67 (podcast): Old World

By | May 18, 2022

Soren Johnson has updated his blog with another entry.This time it’s a podcast, and Soren and Leyla talk with Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk, both at QuarterToThree.The description of this episode is the following: In this episode, Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk interview Soren and Leyla Johnson about their new historical 4X, Old World. They discuss whether the… Read More »

Old World: The 8th Civ

By | May 18, 2022

The Youtuber “Flash Trouserman” talks in his latest video about the new Civ which will be added to Old World: The Hittites. Watch the video above and discuss this new civ in our forum here. There is currently also a live stream by explorminate happening:

Keith Burgun’s podcast: Strategy Can Be Fun – Soren Johnson on OLD WORLD

By | May 16, 2022

Keith Burgun, an independent game designer, has today released a podcast episode with Soren Johnson.They obviously talk about Old World in it, and Keith recommends the game to every civ player. You can find the podcast here and discuss it in our forum here.

Sales: Civ3 and Civ4 on GOG, Civ6 on Steam

By | May 16, 2022

Currently some of the Civ titles are again on Sale! For Civ3 and Civ4 the Complete editions are for sale, for Civ6 only the Platinum and Anthology edition, as well as both addons. Civ3 Complete: 1.29€ at GOG Civ4 Complete: 5€ at GOG Civ6 Anthology: 98.99€ on Steam Civ6 Platinum: 14.15€ on Steam Civ6 Gathering Storm: 9.99€ on… Read More »

The winners of the Old World random draw/competition

By | May 15, 2022

A while ago we got an offer from Soren Johnson from Mohawk Games and Tim Bender from Hooded Horse: You can have 5 key for Old World to distribute among the community. So we ran a small competition, to see what civs the community likes best. We selected one entry as being the best among all, and this… Read More »

New LEGO set: Great Pyramid of Giza

By | May 12, 2022

Relevant for all of us wonder builders: LEGO will release a new set in their architecture line – The Great Pyramid of Giza on June 1. This set contains 1476 pieces, is aimed at an adult audience, and costs 139.99€. Link: There are 3 more relevant LEGO sets already available: The Taj Mahal (2022 pieces, 119.00€), the… Read More »

Old World update #90

By | May 11, 2022

Mohawk Games, the developers of Old World, have released the latest update for their game. This update includes mostly changes in the balancing and UI changes. For all details please visit our thread here. Old World is currently available in the Epic Store, but will be released on GOG and Steam on May 19.

World Video Game Hall of Fame – Now with Civilization!

By | May 11, 2022

The Strong Museum, or the National Museum of Play features the World Video Game Hall Of Fame (among other gaming related items), where the most important video games are honoured.The Hall of Fame itself is rather new, and this year 4 new games have been inducted, making it a grand total of 9 so far. Multiple media outlet,… Read More »